Monday, 16 August 2010


Fiona Campbell Champagne Trays exhibited at Foodies Festival this weekend with Gulp Foods.

Gulp Foods will be selling Fiona Campbell Champagne Trays from now on in their newly opened shop and in their extensive online store.

Gulp sells 'everything (inedible!) for cooking, eating , drinking, entertaining and giving.' The founder Miriam, has put together a fantastic collection of all her favourite glassware, kitchen utensils and catering equipment.

Her passion for food and all that comes with it can be seen through her blog and website.

Miriam says "I love things that work, things that do what they say on the box.
I love things that are lovely to look at and lovely to hold (some would say, beautifully designed.)
My favourite things are functional as well as either fun or smart (smart clever or smart looking.)"

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