Saturday, 25 September 2010

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Champagne Trays Ltd. as of today

Press Release

No more spilled champagne and broken glasses! Fiona Campbell designs and produces an innovative tray for serving champagne and wine. Fiona Campbell Furniture launches its new website and full range of Perspex and wooden Champagne Trays on 8th October at Grand Designs LIVE.


Fiona Campbell, who graduated as ‘Student of the Year’ at the Chippendale International School of Furniture in 2000, set up her business, Fiona Campbell Furniture, in 2001. She later gained a Master’s degree in Design from Dundee University.

Applying traditional cabinet making to contemporary design techniques, Fiona produces pieces that are innovative and enduring.

Champagne Trays

Fiona’s latest range takes her business in a new direction. She has designed a series of safe drinks trays that eliminate the problem of dropping glasses while serving champagne or wine.


Fiona was commissioned to design and make wooden trays for a local catering company. They asked her to come up with a design that would overcome the problem of spillages and breakages in busy, confined spaces, as they estimated they lost £50 worth of glasses and champagne a week in dropped trays.

Fiona, who has worked as a waitress in the past, developed a unique design that allows glasses to sit snuggly in holes around the tray. The trays provide a high quality, aesthetic accessory for safely serving champagne flutes, and red and white wine glasses.

The trays, which are stackable, are now available in a range of colours of Perspex manufactured in an Edinburgh-based factory. Fiona is particularly proud that the trays are designed and manufactured in Scotland.

She says, ‘The way the glasses are suspended adds to the theatre and beauty of serving. Saving catering companies the embarrassment and expense of broken glasses and wasted champagne also adds real value.’

Website Launch

This year, Fiona’s website has undergone a complete update and revamp, introducing a blog and links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With these additions, the site has become an interactive media. Fiona encourages visitors to the site to comment on her work, recommend it to their friends and give feedback.


Champagne Trays have become regularly used in some of the country’s most prestigious hotels, catering companies, theatres and restaurants since their soft launch in May 2010. The trays also feature in Channel 4’s newest wedding programme, Wedding House.


This year, Fiona has exhibited her trays in:

Wych Elm Exhibition, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Studio D Presents, East Lothian

Method Furnishings, Edinburgh

Taste of London, Regents Park, London

Foodies Festival, Edinburgh

Scotland’s Countryside Festival, Glamis Castle, Scotland

Gulp, North Berwick

Upcoming events:

Grand Designs LIVE, Birmingham NEC, 8 – 10th October 2010 – launch of Champagne Trays

Taste of Christmas, ExCel, London, 3 – 5th December 2010

Further information and high-resolution images are available on request.

The Scotsman Article

Fiona Campbell Furniture features on page 3 in the Homes and Interiors section of The Scotsman newspaper today.

An image of Under Stair Unit is included.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Stylish Homes

Article in Daily Record - Stylish Homes

"... This is something Fiona Campbell of Fiona Campbell Furniture has been very aware of over the past year, with many customers looking for style which will last. “ I think it is true that people are investing more in their homes, “ she says

“ Some people will be aware of lovely pieces of furniture in their family which have stood the test of time for generations and decide that they too want something very special which won’t just last a lifetime but will be passed on so I have a lot of requests for items like dining tables which can have timeless styles which won’t go out of fashion. "

Having worked with wood now for ten years, Fiona is very adept at designing specific pieces to fit a home. “ I’m actually working on a really interesting commission at the moment which could well sum up both the current interest in recycling and vintage furnishings, “ she says “I’m making shelving for a customer out of an old oak kitchen worktop and they are determined that I use every last piece, so as well as the main large piece I’m making smaller shelves and then using the leftover pieces to make a chopping board and door stops. Nothing is going to waste and it’s lovely to see something as practical and beautiful as that wood continuing to be both useful and attractive.

That’s as good a description as any for the prevailing trends for this autumn. It’s the perfect summing up for the warmth of the colours, the appeal of lasting style and the sense that your home is the one place you want to be when the long dark evenings draw in."

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Champagne Trays are now on Twitter - get the latest by following

Dirleton Gallery Exhibition

Fiona Campbell Furniture's Flush Top Bench is currently being exhibited in Dirleton Gallery, East Lothian.

Solid oak with rounded off flush top legs

1400 x 450 x 340mm


Monday, 6 September 2010

Scotland's Countryside Festival

Champagne Trays
were exhibiting with Lovely Bubbly this weekend in the beautiful Glamis Castle at Scotland's Countryside Festival. The weather was fantastic and the champagne was flowing. A great success all round.

Many thanks to Lovely Bubbly...

3 R's

In this day and age, recycling hardwood timber is really important. My latest project involves turning old Ikea solid oak worktops into shelving for a family based in North Berwick. They recently had a new kitchen installed and instead of chucking out their old worktop, they have opted to turn it into seven floating shelves and a bathroom worktop.

This kind of job is fantastic as the wood has seasoned for years in their home so will be very unlikely to move.

I have not wasted a scrap of the wood, turning the remainder small pieces into door stops, cutting boards and small shelves.