Friday, 24 September 2010

Stylish Homes

Article in Daily Record - Stylish Homes

"... This is something Fiona Campbell of Fiona Campbell Furniture has been very aware of over the past year, with many customers looking for style which will last. “ I think it is true that people are investing more in their homes, “ she says

“ Some people will be aware of lovely pieces of furniture in their family which have stood the test of time for generations and decide that they too want something very special which won’t just last a lifetime but will be passed on so I have a lot of requests for items like dining tables which can have timeless styles which won’t go out of fashion. "

Having worked with wood now for ten years, Fiona is very adept at designing specific pieces to fit a home. “ I’m actually working on a really interesting commission at the moment which could well sum up both the current interest in recycling and vintage furnishings, “ she says “I’m making shelving for a customer out of an old oak kitchen worktop and they are determined that I use every last piece, so as well as the main large piece I’m making smaller shelves and then using the leftover pieces to make a chopping board and door stops. Nothing is going to waste and it’s lovely to see something as practical and beautiful as that wood continuing to be both useful and attractive.

That’s as good a description as any for the prevailing trends for this autumn. It’s the perfect summing up for the warmth of the colours, the appeal of lasting style and the sense that your home is the one place you want to be when the long dark evenings draw in."

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